Friday, July 25, 2014

Double Entries

It's time once again to link up your makes for this month's prize(s) for the Big City Bags SAL.  This month is a little different as two different bags, the Lucky Mint Denver Bag AND the Chandelier Swing Bag, are eligible for prizes.  

Another thing that's different about this month is that our sponsor, Happy Quilting, has offered up three different prize packs!!  

Your chances of winning are higher than ever so link up now :)


(Photos used with permission of Martingale Publishing.  Photograph by Brent Kane.)

Monday, July 21, 2014

I've Done It Again

Messed up that is.  And once again you all can benefit from my flakiness :)

For the months of July and August BOTH the Lucky Mint Denver Bag AND the Chandelier Swing Bag will be eligible to link up for a chance at this month's THREE PRIZES (that's a lot of caps locks for one sentence!).  That's double the chances!!  I know some of you have already started on the bags so get busy finishing them up :)  Link ups start in 4 days!!

(Photos used with permission of Martingale Publishing.  Photograph by Brent Kane.)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Piper Misses--Modified

Another "Make It Work" finish.  Again due to my own mistakes/miscalculations.  
I bought this wonderful organic knit from when they were closing out their fabrics (it looks like the sale is still going too!).  I bought all they had (1 1/2 yds).  After seeing the Piper Misses all over Instagram I knew I needed to make one.  When the Bundle Up package came around I jumped on it at the chance to buy it (and several others) for a great price.  

 I started by cutting the front of my top--no problems there.  Although I did have to lengthen the darts pretty significantly later.  Then I moved on to cut the back and sleeves for the top.  

 &$#@  About two inches short of the actual yardage I needed.  Oh well, no big deal I'll just cut an inch off of the entire top.  After making a cut about 4 inches long I realized I had folded my directional print over on top of itself LENGTHWISE to see how much I was going to be short.  

 @$#% Again!!  There was no way to repair or work around the cut I had made so I headed to JoAnn's where I had seen a great mint colored stretch lace.  It's not a perfect match colorwise but it did get the job done.  I wasn't planning on putting a bow on this version anyway so that was not an issue.

Overall I love the pattern!  It feels a little loose so I may go down a size next time.  I will definitely be making the bow version out of a voile in the near future :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mod Maxi

This dress was another one of those "Make It Work" projects.  

I bought the fabric when I was pregnant with Kiddo #1 and it sat on a shelf for nearly 3 years before I decided to bite the bullet and make something from it.  

This was the project I had in mind...sort of.  I didn't buy enough fabric which meant I had to add the wide navy border on the bottom. 

And there is some pooching where the skirt and shirt are joined but I'm pretty sure that has more to do with my needing to get rid of the baby belly and not my sewing skills. 

Overall the verdict is--wearable but not my favorite.

Big City Bags--July Edition

This month's bag is the Chandelier Swing Bag.  It looks like the perfect purse for a night out on the town :).  I'm so used to hauling around a huge overstuffed purse that something like this might be just what I need!

(Photo used with permission of Martingale Publishing.  Photograph by Brent Kane.)

This month is going to be a little different prize-wise as our sponsor Melissa from Happy Quilting has offered up 3 of her patterns to 3 lucky winners.  So that means you all need to get sewing since your chances of winning are going to be better than ever!!!

I highly recommend the Starburst pattern!  My version is now our main living room quilt and I'm so proud of it!!!!!

And as always I will leave you with a reminder of the rules:
  • We will be sewing the books in the order they are in the book.  Only the bag for that specific month will be eligible for the link up.
  • The bag must be complete to qualify for prizes.
  • On the first of every month I will announce a new project and prize. 
  • You will have from July 25, 2014 until midnight on June 31, 2014 CST to link up your project for a chance to win that month's prize.
  • Join the Flickr group to see all the projects that have been made.
 Our Generous sponsors:
And a special offer from zipit:  15% off of all orders for those sewing along
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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pattern Testers Wanted

I've recently started working on some new paper pieced patterns.  I have several in the works but only three that are ready for testing. 



 Treasure Chest

Would YOU be interested in testing them for me?  If so leave a comment below with your email address and which pattern you would be interested in.  I'm looking for at least two testers per pattern and would love to have feedback by August 1. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Link Up Take 2

It appears there was a problem with the link up tool I used in the previous post so let's try this again... You now have an additional six days to enter for your chance at this month's prize the Paparazzi Bag pattern by Sara Lawson. The pattern is being provided by the wonderful Pattern Crush! Pattern Crush has some wonderful new lines of fabric in the shop!  Cotton & Steel,  Indelible, Arizona, Jungle Ave., and the list goes on!!!

(Photo used with permission of Martingale Publishing.  Photograph by Brent Kane.)
 Link up below for your chance to win!