Wednesday, February 11, 2015


So far I've got 7 shows on the schedule for this spring/summer so I've been busy building inventory.

Sorry if you're sick of seeing the same types of items!

Hair elastics were a surprise hit at our winter shows so I've been trying to stock up on fun prints.

Hair Pins are always a best seller.  I managed to find some new embellishments to try out and I have more on the way.

These are some of the WIPs that I've managed to finish up.

These too!

Monday, February 9, 2015


Occassionally, when my sewing room is a complete and utter mess, I simply cannot seem to focus when I'm in there. 

When it gets to that point I have to just stop and reorganize things to I can start to think again.  This is only one small section of the room but it made me feel a whole lot back to work I go!

Friday, February 6, 2015

I Got Goodies!

I feel like saying nahnahnahbooboo ;P.

Just a few of the wonderful swap items I received in December...

Mini/table runner courtesy of @karriofberries from the Sew Vote Swap Flickr Group.

Two pincushions and some treats from The SewCanShe Sewcialites Facebook group.

#festivemugrug package from @phatbobbingirl

and a wonderful basket made by Ann Solinksi and gifted to me through a Secret Santa Swap at our guild.

There were actually a couple of others I received but I've misplaced my photos...

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stocking Up!

 I have signed up for quite a few craft shows this year (and it's still early with many shows that still haven't announced dates yet).

So between that and my goal of finishing up all of my 100s of WIPs I'm hoping to boost my inventory as much as possible.

 A few curvy clutches, zippered pouches, wee wee tee pees, and a long wine tote and keyring clutch.

More curvy clutches... Hubby told me I needed a few items out of less "unique" fabric choices (because apparently not everyone likes zombies and cute animals) so I made a few with polka dots and chevron.

And some essential wallets made with scraps from one of my all time favorite lines.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Paper Pieced Pouches

Have you all been wondering what I was going to do with all of those tiny paper pieced blocks?

The answer is pouches!

Everyone loves a cute pouch, right?!

Let's hope so because that's what all of my swap partners will be getting...


(sorry this one is so blurry!!)

All of the patterns for the blocks are now available in my Craftsy shop.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All Mickey, All the Time!

We have a house full of Mickey lovers right now!  Both Squeak & Pants (silly nickname, I know, but it stuck so what are you going to do?) are both obsessed with Mickey Mouse and all of his friends.  

As an example:  Hubby took Squeak to try on helmets (since he was getting a bike for Christmas) and after getting home he was so upset that he couldn't wear it around the house all the time that we ended up getting him Mickey shoes to stop the whining take his mind off of it.  

So it just seemed right that he should have a Mickey quilt...

This did not get done in time for Christmas like I intended but it was done just a couple of days after.

I used red minky as the backing and instead of quilting it then binding it like normal, I sewed the fabrics right sides together then turned them and topstitched/quilting the opening shut (which is why the top is curling under a little).  Minimal quilting and I called it good :).  

Squeak seems to like it so I'm happy.