Tuesday, February 3, 2015

All Mickey, All the Time!

We have a house full of Mickey lovers right now!  Both Squeak & Pants (silly nickname, I know, but it stuck so what are you going to do?) are both obsessed with Mickey Mouse and all of his friends.  

As an example:  Hubby took Squeak to try on helmets (since he was getting a bike for Christmas) and after getting home he was so upset that he couldn't wear it around the house all the time that we ended up getting him Mickey shoes to stop the whining take his mind off of it.  

So it just seemed right that he should have a Mickey quilt...

This did not get done in time for Christmas like I intended but it was done just a couple of days after.

I used red minky as the backing and instead of quilting it then binding it like normal, I sewed the fabrics right sides together then turned them and topstitched/quilting the opening shut (which is why the top is curling under a little).  Minimal quilting and I called it good :).  

Squeak seems to like it so I'm happy.

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  1. Very cute and as long as it is loved that is what counts.