Monday, July 1, 2013

Fresh Sewing Day & July Goals

 First, a look back at this month's accomplishments

 Not too bad!  There are a couple more that could go on here but I haven't had time to edit the photos/post about them yet.

And on to my goals for this month.  Most of these are not old projects (except the Riley Blake Halloween Quilt, which is my oldest WIP).  In fact, a majority of them were started last week, but still a goal is a goal...
  •   Make a baby quilt from the kit I bought on clearance at JoAnn's-nothing too special, but it should be a quick finish and make room on my shelf.

  • Finish nursing covers-I'm trying to get everything ready for Little Miss's arrival.  These most likely would have already been done if I could find boning anywhere.

  • Receiving Blankets-these have already been cut to the proper size, they just need seams on the edges.

  • Family Tree Baby Blanket-top is pieced, just need to buy the backing, basted, quilt and bind. 

  • Boo Crew Quilt-Just needs binding.

  • Headbands-they each just need one, little seam to be completed.

  • Riley Blake Halloween Quilt-my oldest WIP and the second quilt I ever started.  I need to finish piecing the back, then just baste, quilt and bind!

  • New Wedding Quilt (not to be confused with the Dreaded Wedding Quilt)-again, this quilt isn't really my style, but at least the design is so much simpler than the previous one!  The top is almost complete...a trip to the fabric store and we should be good to go :)

Don't you just love how all of my pictures are of the folded up project and you can't actually see anything?!  I wanted to keep everyone guessing (no, not really, I just didn't want to have to refold everything after I was done).

Not a terrible list if you think that nearly all of them are almost done or are very small projects.  Of course I hope to actually accomplish a LOT more, but I'll start with this!

In other exciting news, I did pick up all of the nursery fabrics on Saturday and am ready to get started cutting, and I ordered fusible thread off of Amazon to use for future bindings!

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  1. Fuselable thread?!! Wth?! Sounds interesting! You sure do keep yourself busy! I'm interested in the halloweeny quilt. I can't wait to see it!

    There's a craft show in Bethany on the 4oj. I'm not in it, but I want to go walk around. Wanna come? I think there's car shows & stuff for the guys.

  2. Thanks for linking up to Let's Get Acquainted. I saw you listed your favorite treat as banana split, and now I have a huge craving for one!