Thursday, July 18, 2013

Progress: A Pictureless Post

To be totally honest, this post is more for me than you (sorry!).  I needed a place to sit and figure out where I'm at on all of the goals I set for myself this month.  I do have lots of finished projects to show off, but between my camera issues and the torrential rain that we've been having since Saturday, they will have to wait.

Here are my original goals, followed by the progress I've made on them:
  •   Make a baby quilt from the kit I bought on clearance at JoAnn's-nothing too special, but it should be a quick finish and make room on my shelf.--I went way backwards on this one, as in I lost the stupid thing and haven't the faintest idea where I could have put will turn up eventually but probably not in time for a finish for this month.
  • Finish nursing covers-I'm trying to get everything ready for Little Miss's arrival.  These most likely would have already been done if I could find boning anywhere.--Finished!
  • Receiving Blankets-these have already been cut to the proper size, they just need seams on the edges.--I've finished one of the three I have cut. 
  • Family Tree Baby Blanket-top is pieced, just need to buy the backing, basted, quilt and bind.--No progress yet.
  • Boo Crew Quilt-Just needs binding.--Finished!
  • Headbands-they each just need one, little seam to be completed.--Finished!
  • Riley Blake Halloween Quilt-my oldest WIP and the second quilt I ever started.  I need to finish piecing the back, then just baste, quilt and bind!--No progress.
  • New Wedding Quilt (not to be confused with the Dreaded Wedding Quilt)-again, this quilt isn't really my style, but at least the design is so much simpler than the previous one!  The top is almost complete...a trip to the fabric store and we should be good to go :)--Finished and delivered to the bride and groom!
So far I have four finishes from this list (as well as a couple not on here) and 4 to go!  There's still time...

Hopefully I'll have a fun, photo filled post for tomorrow's TGIFF link up!

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