Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Love Turtles

I've decided to do another paper pieced series.  This one will have a Valentine theme though!  Like the Halloween series this one will be free for a limited time.  So be sure and get it before February 14!!

The first of the series is the Love Turtles.  When I tested it I made a teeny, tiny version so that I could make it into a pouch for a swap partner.  I also omitted the eyes and will just be using buttons in their place.

The actual pattern measures 12.5" x 18.5". 

You can always resize your pattern to fit your needs.  Just be sure to use a quilting ruler to trim your block with the correct seam allowances!!  I usually do this anyway just to make sure I have straight lines.

I've got several more patterns to share with you (not sure EXACTLY how many yet) so keep an eye out for the next one :)


  1. So cute! Love this block and looking forward to seeing the rest!

  2. Adorable pattern! I love the idea of using buttons for the eyes!

  3. Adorable! I'll for sure be making this for Valentines day this year. I need something cute. I already saw the second pattern too. Can't wait for the rest!