Friday, January 30, 2015


My partner specifically mentioned her love of deer in her questionnaire answers and the mosaic she posted on Instagram made me think that she preferred more realistic prints as opposed to the cutesy, cartoonish stuff that is more my style. 

With that in mind I made her the deer mug rug.

I was debating what I should make as an extra to send with it when she left a commented on my owl tester block post.  Based on that comment I decided to make the owls into a little open wide pouch for her.  This way I have it covered either way...realistic or cutesy :).

For some reason I had trouble finding any woodland themed extras to include.  I did manage to come up with a couple of things but hopefully the pouch will make up for the lack of other things.  I haven't actually sealed the box on it as of the writing of this post so I'll keep an eye out for more this weekend.  (This post was written then scheduled to actually publish a couple of weeks later.)

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  1. They both are very nice and I'm sure she will love them.