Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prep Work

I moved my cutting board and stack of to be cut fabrics into the dining room last night in hopes of actually getting something accomplished.  Squeak cooperated and played in his little area while I sat at the table and chopped away :)  I guess that since he could still see me he was okay with the arrangement.

The first stack of fabric I tackled was my Madrona Road bundle.  I was given the bundle of fabrics at the OKC MQG meeting that I attended Monday (on a side note--really nice ladies and I look forward to spending more time with crafty people!) for the Madrona Road Mini Quilt Challenge.  From what I understand you can make any mini quilt that you like as long as you use the provided fabrics and solids, if you want/need to. 

I was only going to use the provided fabrics to use make a baby size version of In Color Order's Arithmetic Quilt but somehow I didn't have enough fabric. 

Her pattern calls for 7 fat quarters (which is exactly what I had) but I still have blanks to be filled in.  And the fat quarters weren't exactly straight so I had to use 4" squares instead of the 4.5" ones that the pattern calls for.

Oh well, off to the LQS I go.  I think there definitely needs to be more definition between the colors so I will be picking up some Sprout Graphite, a couple of solids, and a little bit more of some of the fabrics I already have as well as Farmstead in Robin Egg Blue for the backing.

I also managed to cut all of the print squares for the Dancing Stars QAL.  I still need to pick up the background fabric and get that cut but that will have to wait.  I'm thrilled that I still have most of my Noteworthy layer cake after cutting all of this.  I'm thinking a dark (maybe even charcoal gray background would make the fun colors really pop...what do you think?

I started cutting the strips for the Scrappy Tripalong Fabric Swap.  I decided to dig into my Amy Butler stash.  I have several different prints (I think I counted 32?) but they are from all different lines and I haven't found a use for them yet.  And by only cutting off a 2.5" strip from each fabric I will still have PLENTY left over for future projects AND I won't have to buy any fabric (yay!).  I didn't make it very far in my cutting though since Squeak decided he had had enough.  Maybe tonight :)

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  1. Wait! Where's the picture of your dancing stars, lol! I am sneakily planning for it as my husband wants me to promise no new projects started until after baby girls birthday party in mid-February...I gave a noncommittal answer. I am so excited though about this QAl so I better reduce my UFO list before I give into temptation!

  2. I am doing the Dancing Stars QAL too:) I like all of your Noteworthy squares!!

    Your Arithmetic top is looking really good!

  3. Noteworthy--one of my favorites. And you will probably get addicted to the scrappy tripalong but it will look beautiful in AB fabrics! And you Madrona Road is looking wonderful!

  4. That is a lot of cutting. Cutting isn't one of my favorite things either. But you have to cut if you want to sew. I like the layout for the Arithmetic Quilt, but I can see why you might want to change one or two of the fabrics out. There was some blending happening. It might be exactly what you want, but it might not.

  5. You only received Fat 1/8s. That's why you didn't have enough. ;)