Monday, January 14, 2013

What a Weekend!

I got some unexpected mail on Saturday...Francine is back home! And she brought presents!

April at Sew to Speak sent a few goodies back with my little fox softie that I entered into her competition.  Francine didn't win but I still got come cute fabric, a neat pattern and even some ribbon that I can put to use!

And I FINALLY got started on my Sea of Stars Quilt.  I'm not sure where the Quilt Along is at but I do know that I'm way behind.  This quilt is supposed to be a present and needs to be finished pretty quick!  And why did I not realize how much difference pressing seams open can make?!?!  My blocks look so much better now.  You can tell that the one "light" block that I've done (top, right corner) does not have the seams pressed open and all of the others do.  I also plan on using the quilt as you go method since I haven't gotten my vintage singer yet.

I had another chance to test a paper pieced pattern for Kristy at Quiet Play.  As usual, the pattern is great (although I did goof it up a little.  I swapped the two middle leg pieces, whoops!)  Not sure what I'm going to make with it yet but I'll come up with something :)

And a few Triple Zip Pouches.  For some reason I had a really hard time with the directions on this pattern.  I'm pretty sure it was me and not the actual pattern...either way they turned out really cute!  I'm still trying to figure out the correct sizes to cut the main exterior piece if it is a directional fabric.  I tried on the little crab pouch and the seam is about 1/2 an inch toward the back.  I have plans to make many, many more of these, especially since there is a Triple Zip Along starting soon!
I'm planning on attending my first meeting at the Oklahoma City Modern Quilt Guild tonight.  Let's just hope my anxiety doesn't get the best of me.  If almost feels like kindergarten again...will they like me?, will they think my sewing skills are sub par?, etc.  Does anyone else suffer from terrible social anxiety?  If so, how do you calm yourself?


  1. Nice zips to have! Such a *cute* fox. And the stars are so pretty together. :) Yeah, seam pressed open lets things lay a lot flatter, and you really need that with some things. You gotta watch out, though, because it's not so great for other things, like stitching in the ditch quilting. And I don't like how it "beards" on older quilts. Give and take with everything, eh!? :)

    I hope you enjoy your guild meeting. I'm a total social dweeb, so I can feel your pain. It is good to be with other folks, though, and most quilt guilds are full of friendly people who welcome quilters of all abilities. If this guild you're going turns out to be a mean one, that's a bad egg in the carton and it's them, not you!

  2. I love your stars and I think the lightening block is darling! Even with your zigs and zags mixed up!

  3. So agree on the pressing thing - I get much more accurate seams when I press open :o)

  4. What great projects! I love the pouches!

  5. I just added a link to your blog on the OKCMQG site. Welcome to the group!

    P.S. I love those star blocks! That's going to be a fantastic quilt.

  6. Nice projects! I too like to press open but sometimes forget?! I too was really nervous when I went to my first MQG meeting and I am not normally nervous in social settings but it worked out great! Love that group I met.

  7. Hi, lovely work, I've popped over from P&J. I was taught that you must press seams to the side and never open as it puts stress on the stitches and the quilt won't last as long. More recently I've read more about block sizes being more accurate if the seams are pressed open and it's making me start to wonder what's for the best - mmmm interesting! :)