Thursday, March 27, 2014

Edelweiss Bag

Sara has done it again!  Another wonderful bag pattern.  This one can be made as a cross body bag or a backpack. I have NEVER owned a backpack so I thought I'd give it a try :)

This project was a "make it work" project due to my lack of planning.  I ran out of Soft and Stable and when I went to pick up more, neither of the LQSs had any in stock so I pieced together just enough to cover the very bottom of the bag and used fusible fleece for the sides and zipper panel.  Despite all of my mistakes, I love how it turned out!

Take a look for yourself:


  1. This turned out so good!!! Well done!! I can't even tell that you had to be creative with the interfacing! Luckily I had lots of S&S in my stash, otherwise I would've run out too.

  2. So fun to have a backpack as an adult! Here's mine:

  3. That's so cute! It's about a full size back pack right? Bella has been wanting me to make her one:) love your prints!!

  4. Love your version! I used headliner fabric for mine, it's a decent substitute for the S&S, and oodles cheaper :) love the clocks!