Monday, March 31, 2014

Styling My Out & About Dress

This is a photo heavy post.  And as an extra warning, all of the photos are of me :) 
When Sew Caroline released the tutorial for making her sleeveless Out & About Dress I couldn't wait to get started!  No, I literally couldn't wait.  I decided instead of waiting until I had access to a printer so I could get the armhole interfacing I would just wing it.  That seems to a reoccurring theme for me these days.  So instead of using a facing on the armholes, I simply turned the fabric under 1/2" then another 1/2" to hide any raw edges.  On this version I also took one inch off of the width of the skirt pattern piece and 2" off of the length. By taking a couple of inches off of the circumference of the skirt, I hoped to reduce the bulk a tiny bit.  And I thought the shorter version might be a bit more flattering and make my legs look longer or something.  A girl can dream right?!  Speaking of legs...I need a tan in a bad way!!!
The fabric is one of many I just ordered from Girl Charlee.
After making my dress I headed to Target (who I am in no way affiliated with).  I knew I wanted a jacket of some sort since it's still a little chilly out in Oklahoma and also because my "just wing it version of the armholes" were not that successful and gaped.
This is actually a jacket I had at my house.  It was long forgotten in the back of the closet since it hasn't been worn since before pregnancy #1.  Hubby liked it, but I thought it was a little bulky for what I had in mind.  Also, don't mind the shoes.  They too have seen better days.

The jacket kind of cut me off in a non-flattering way.

Here it is with no accessories. 

Gotta love that it has pockets!!!

Cardigan option #1.  I really thought I was going to like this one.  It was exactly what I had in mind when I went shopping.  Which is why it's good to try on more than one thing even if it's not normally your style.

You'll never guess where my headband came from.  The BABY section.  I looked in the women's hair accessory department and didn't find anything I liked and they were all $5.  I happened to check the baby department and found a three pack for $5.  I felt kind of silly when I tried it on since I knew there was no way it would fit, but it does!  And it's more comfortable than a normal headband since the ends hit in a better spot behind my ears and don't hurt.  WIN, WIN!!!

 Wish I had thought to close the shower curtain.  Oops!
And now since you've all been so patient...

My final outfit.  A boyfriend cardigan that can button up the front in navy, a navy skinny belt, a headband, and a pair of boots that I already had.  All accessories (including the boots) are from Target.  I absolutely love my final look and feel great in it too, which with my post partum body is not something I have said in a long time!


  1. Realllly cute!!!! I love those two colors together.

  2. Your post baby body is rockin Angie! I love the print, and the dress! To be honest, I hadn't really looked at that pattern much. But now that I see it on you, I think I'd probably wear it all the time!!

    Btw I have an extra printer I'm dying to get rid of. It works great but it's 2 or 3 years old. I have all the manuals and everything. If you'd like it, it's yours if you get it before someone else. It's on the floor in my office, killing me!!

  3. What perfect pieces, colors, and a fantastic ensemble! Well done! You're gorgeous!

  4. How adorable are you?! Love that dress and now I'm thinking I need one as well!!! I Just won 2 yards of organic jersey knit and I'm hoping I can pull it off as well as you did :)