Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Baby Olivia Dress

Princess also had a need for a black dress.  Have you ever tried to find a black dress for an infant in a store?  Not something you come across often.  So I decided to do what any good mother would do...make one :). 

For some reason I had a real problem putting her in all black.  On a baby it must seemed wrong.  But this fabric had just enough color to still be appropriate for the occasion without being too dreary.

I used the Olivia pattern by See Kate Sew.  I made the 18 month size since it was the smallest available and just used a bigger seam allowance than suggested (she was only 10 months at the time).


I had trouble getting her to hold still long enough to take decent photos but hopefully these will give you an idea of what we ended up with :).

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  1. That's so sweet! She can pair it up with leggi gs too, and that dress will ,arch everything.