Friday, November 7, 2014

Myrtle Dress

I am WAY behind on my blogging so over the winter you may see me in some warm weather clothing with pretty, green grass :).  This is the Myrtle Dress I made over the summer.

I used some knit fabric I bought for incredibly cheap on EBay several years ago.  It has birds on it, how could I not buy it!?!

Sorry for the terrible photos but Hubby is not a patient photographer so I'm lucky to get anything more than a selfie.

 I did have some fit issues with this dress.  I cut the large and ended up taking in a couple of inches off of each side (and honestly a little more wouldn't have hurt) and an inch off of the length of the bodice.

Another issue I had was with the excess fabric around the arms.  In the photo above I had actually already gathered the shoulder seam which helped a little.  It looks fine if I keep my arms by my side...

On the plus side, I liked the way the top was constructed and it was a pretty easy make.  Maybe I'll give it another try in a smaller size... :)

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