Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Couple of Questions...

  1. What is this I'm hearing about Google Reader shutting down, and what does it mean for me?
  2. Do you ever feel like you have over committed to Quilt Alongs, Sew Alongs, Swaps, etc?  How do you say no to the fun new ones that pop up?  How do you choose which ones to "let go" even though you already made a couple of blocks?  I want to continue to participate in ALL of them, but I really need to build up inventory for my upcoming craft shows and if you saw the state of my wallet you would agree that there needs to be some ME sewing fit in somewhere.

I would love to hear how all of you manage your time and commitments.

Now on to less serious matters:

I finished up my Lucky Stars March Block.  I started it on Friday when I needed a break from the chaos of party prep.  I got three of the four sections completed then ran out of my solid that I was using (NO!!!)  I wasn't even sure where it had come from and my LQS was closed for the day so it got set aside.  After a quick trip yesterday I managed to pick up a VERY close match (it could be the same one, not really sure).  And as Squeak's toy likes to say, TA DA!

I put these three paper pieced patterns up for debate on the Modern She Made Swap.  The vast majority liked the top left so that's what I'll be going with.  I'm open for suggestions of what to make.  I was originally thinking of a large bag but now I'm thinking maybe a medium pouch and a couple of small items to go with?

I'm also planning on putting the patterns on Craftsy if anyone is interested. Free for the time being (maybe forever, we'll see).

Tonight is the basting of the Orbit Quilt!


  1. Funny you should mention this at this time -- I was just struggling with this same thing. I am wanting to participate more in craft shows but have little new completed and have not replenished my stock sold from the last event. I have decided that I am not picking up any more new things until at least one or two other things are over (I said this a few weeks back and picked up a project for my LQS as a sample piece but this should be completed this weekend). I am wanting to do more events but need to look at the timing of them also because I would hate to sell very well at one event and not have enough goods for one a few weeks later. I think the best thing with deciding projects to take on when there are so many going on is timing -- what other commitments do you have during that same time frame and what things are more important to complete. I struggle with this one because of my job and commute every day and only having that precious weekend to really get things done that takes longer than an hour. Good Luck in deciding.

  2. I just found out about Google reader last night and am wondering the same thing!! If you find info out I hope you will post it.

  3. I think it's a constant struggle to decide how to spend the time you have available! Several years ago I was really into doing a lot of block and fabric swaps and hosted one for a few years. Now I look back and realize that took a lot of time and created my mountain of UFOs. This year I'm focused on finishing projects instead with a couple of QALs that I'm enjoying very much. Next year I hope I can change focus again after my UFO Collection has been significantly trimmed. I'm brimming with ideas but they will wait...

    Re Reader I'm just going to wait a bit and see what everyone else chooses and why!

  4. I'm having the dilemma with Google reader as well and haven't decided what to go with - I'm waiting to get some feedback from others too :)