Friday, March 29, 2013

Praise for the Hubby

My husband informed me earlier this week that  I had gotten whatever was in our Amazon shopping cart.  He had wanted to order some pens and apparently didn't feel like taking the other item out soooo I got a copy of Patchwork, Please!.  I had been debating joining in the sew along so now that is settled :).  I had a coupon for an extra 25% off my entire purchase at JoAnn's so while picking up some batting and muslin for another project I also got these three books.  I have the Pretty in Patchwork Holiday book and this one about doll quilts looks like it has some fun projects.  The Tula Pink book has a couple of quilts that I wouldn't mind trying out and I have always dabbled in crochet and think these amigurumis are adorable!

He also ordered me these wonderful Heather Ross first!  I may not be able to bring myself to use them but they are so fun!  I see more Heather Ross and Munki Munki fabrics in my future.

He didn't really have much to do with this purchase other than letting me have his credit card :)  These will hopefully be made into a purse this weekend.


One more bit of praise and I promise I'll be done (are you jealous yet?).  I took my bottom of the line Singer sewing machine to a free motion quilting class last night.  I had always been a little proud of the fact that I could accomplish so much on a POS machine--but not last night.  I'm not sure what happened, but it was making a terrible sound and I wasn't able to lower the feeders and it just wasn't pretty.  After telling Hubby that it was time for a new machine, his response was, "Ok, we'll see what we can do."  So today I start shopping.  Top features on my list WIDE THROAT, NEEDLE DOWN, automatic thread cutter, knee bar, and automatic needle threader.  I don't need a whole bunch of fancy stitches or embroidery stuff really.  Any ideas of what a good machine would be for me?


  1. Great that he just cands over the credit card. The new fabrics and books will be fun I'm sure. My 1st machine was a Brother NX400 and I liked it a lot. Had all the features you are looking for. The throat was about 8". My newer machine Lucy is also a Brother, a Luara Ashely NX2000 and I love her. She is wonderful. And I know they are still available. The newest line of Brother machines are the DreamWeaver series and one of them is a non-embroidery one (I don't care about embroidery either) and I think it has a 11" throat. The Brother machines are decent ones and not as expensive as some of the others. There are some good used machine deals to be had out there. Sign up to join the SewItsForSale Yahoo group. Good luck with your hunt.

  2. Fun finds! I'm over the moon about my Juki 2010Q that has all of your top features. Enjoy the hunt~

  3. I read In Color Order's blog posts about buying her machine (and her subsequent hate of said machine) and then there was a series on bloggers' machines. I went to a local shop in Dallas and purchased my Pfaff Anniversary Model there. It has a huge throat. It does not have the knee bar but it does have everything else, including 8 hours of instruction for the machine. I bought it last August and have already taken advantage of my first free cleaning. I have heard that if you buy a Juki you don't need to buy locally because they never need service. Good luck!

  4. Sorry, it wasn't In Color Order who wrote the articles. I'll have to think now -- she does have Color in her blog title!