Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pattern Play

I'm not really sure how it happened but I got really popular this week.  Well, not me, but my quilts and such :).

Since Sunday I have taken custom orders for my first quilt (I'm a little nervous), a comforter (for a friend, so no big deal), and a purse.

The purse shouldn't be a big deal.  I know exactly what fabric the lady wants for the main body of the purse and the lining and accents shouldn't be hard.  Although the pattern is poorly written, I've made it a couple of times and know what changes need to be made.  My only obstacle is finding time to get to the fabric store and actually make it.  Between the holiday weekend and the typical chaos of my life it may be rough for awhile.

The toddler bed comforter is for a friend that has bought many items from me in the past so I'm not worried about her.  She has picked her two main fabrics and I just need one to find one that ties them together a bit.  Oh I told her I could do a pillowcase as well, but that shouldn't be a big deal either.

But the quilt...I was given this picture

(Source of this photo is known)
She said she likes this design but would prefer less white.  After sitting down and playing with the pattern a little last night I came up with this:

It still has a little bit of white to break up the sections but the colors are the main focus.  The larger middle strips will be 5" square and the smaller strips on either side will be 3" x 5" with the white being 2" wide.  She is providing the fabrics so I'm not sure yet what I'm working with.  What do YOU think? 

All of that plus in my typical fashion, I have waited until the last minute to do the borders of this round of the Mystery Round Robin.  I know what I want to do so at least that part is out of the way.  And there are a few earbud pouches that need to be made and mailed.


  1. I like it! Have you sent an image to her for her to approve the design? It certainly gives her the "less white" she is looking for. :)

  2. Your design looks good but I suppose you need to see the fabrics before you can really tell what design would be best. Personally I like the amount of white in the picture. Good luck with it and I will be interested to see what you come up with

  3. I've made that quilt pattern. In fact I know the designer. She lives not too far from me. It goes together really quickly and easily. Here is the one that I did.
    If you want to make that exacty quilt you could just use something else instead of the white.