Thursday, September 19, 2013

Aaragon Bag from Sew Sweetness

Another wonderful pattern from Sew Sweetness is being released today and I was one of the lucky ones that got to test it!

This one was perfect for me since Little Miss is due in about 3 weeks.  It is the ultimate diaper bag!  I originally had plans to do a patchwork version but when I went to pick up some supplies one of the workers showed me this fabric and I couldn't resist :).  It's the perfect gender neutral fabric and it coordinated wonderfully with the fabric I had pulled from my stash for the lining and accents.  Plus it's got cute woodland critters on it!  I still have plans to do a patchwork version but it's been put on the back burner until I get caught up on a few other things.

Since I'm going to be using this diaper bag for a toddler and a newborn I decided to skip the interior zippered pocket in favor of another elastic pocket.  My thinking was that I can use one side for each kid and hopefully keep things a little more organized than I usually do!  Two sets of diapers, snacks, cups, pacifiers, toys...well you get the idea.  This bag is loaded with pockets.  Mine ended up with four exterior pockets and six interior.

The instructions for the pattern were great although constructing it did have its challenges.  I wanted my bag to be super sturdy so I used a layer of batting with dense quilting plus a layer of fusible fleece on the exterior.  That made it a bit difficult to sew through all of the layers when attaching the lining with all of its thick pockets.  But I managed to get it done and get the binding attached (and I didn't even break a needle!).  I did finish the binding my hand though just to be sure I didn't mess up the bag at the last minute.  On the next version I might try to trim the fusible fleece so that it's a 1/2" smaller than the exterior pieces to help eliminate some of the bulk.

After all of that would you actually like to see some pictures of the completed project???

 I didn't get a photo of them, but I actually used purse feet!!  And they were as easy to install as a magnetic snap!  You will definitely be seeing more of them on my future purses.

 I think I will use the front and back exterior pockets for my items and leave all of the others for kids stuff.

And I absolutely LOVE the pop of color from the binding!  For the lining I used a solid gray  and for the elastic pockets I used a darker, gray with a cross hatch type print.  I do still want to add a "false bottom" to my purse to give the bottom more structure and prevent it from sagging.  Sara included instructions of how to insert one between the lining and exterior but I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been and  missed it :/.

The exterior zippered pocket has another fun burst of color thanks to some fabric I pulled from my LQS's remnant bin on a whim a couple of weeks ago.

All in all this pattern is highly recommended!  Be sure to check out Sara's post for more photos of finished bags and details on where you can find the pattern.


  1. Loved reading your blog as it had so many wonderful ideas. I am making one for a coworker nurse and she is so excited as this is her first baby. I chose a cute animal fabric from with blue accents as her baby boy will be here in July. Any issues with the bias tape? I really have not used bias tape and don't want to mess it all up. Thank you for the beautiful pics of your aaragon bag. Hope all is well with your little family.