Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reader's Choice

Alright, it's a couple of days later than I planned but I'm ready to give this thing a try.  The first ever Reader's Choice (dun, dun, dun).

And I've decided to go ahead and jump right into the deep end instead of easing in.  Today I have for you 11 fat quarters of Mama Said Sew that I bought with another project in mind.  Sadly that project never got off the ground so they've been in my stash for quite a while.

So, let's go over the rules:
  1. At the first of every month I will post a photo of some fabrics that have been in my stash for quite awhile or that I just can't figure out what to do with.
  2. Take a look at the fabrics I have pictured above (keeping in mind the amount of fabric available) and leave a comment recommending a specific project that YOU would like to see me make from them.  I am willing to add a background fabric or a fat quarter here or there if necessary but the whole point of this is to work from stash as much as possible.
  3. Be sure to be specific about the project.  Don't just tell me you want me to make a quilt.  Tell me WHICH quilt.
  4. Be nice :).  Try not to give me something that is impossible to complete.
  5. At the end of the week I will pick one comment via a random number generator and that will be the project I tackle.
  6. Not all projects will get finished in one month's time but I will do my best to get as far as possible without neglecting previous commitments.
  7. Link up and join in the fun if you feel up to the challenge.
  8. Link up again at the end of the month to show off your progress.
  9. There may even be a small prize for one random, lucky person that joins in ;).
  10. HAVE FUN!!!
Alright here we go...

Linking up with Really Random Thursday and Thursday Threads.

PS this is my first time hosting a link up so sorry for any kinks.  Anyone know why it automatically linked up my own post?!


  1. Suggestion: Use nine of the FQ's to make a Sudoku quilt. You have a good variety of lights, mediums and darks so it should work well. Omit the red at the right and the black floral. Cut nine 4-1/2" squares of each fabric. Follow a solved Sudoku puzzle for layout. Use black sashing cut 1" wide between the nine-patches. Quilt will finish about 36" after quilting. Bind with black.

  2. Those colors make me think of fall, and apples. How about a quilted tote bag to haul apples home from the orchard (or farmer's market, or books home from the library)? I just bought Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Quilted Tote pattern, I bet these fabrics would be fabulous as one of those. :)

  3. This is a great idea! However, I don't have any specific idea to give you. But I will keep thinking...

  4. Only one thought with the linky. Did you change to html in blogger when you added the link info and then switch back to compose mode? You can email me if have questions and I'll try to come up with answers. :)

  5. I'd say easy, lined zipper pouches. Debit card sized with a wrist strap. You can assembly line them in a couple hours, and throw a gift card in and give them to teachers and such- would be nice to have a stash of little gifties for the holidays:)