Monday, September 23, 2013

What Weekend?!

I took my machine to sit and sew on Wednesday and would you believe that it is still in it's travel case?

Saturday was spent at a craft show.  Despite many, many obstacles and near disasters we made it and actually did pretty decent.

My booth is still a work in progress.  When I got there they actually gave me a space twice the size of the one I had reserved so I wasn't really prepared.  I borrowed a table from them but didn't have anything to cover it.

Lots of crates and boxes to create varying heights.

I definitely need to stock up on some of my smaller items.

I did take my little helper with me.  Squeak and I had a picnic on one of our quilts.

He deserved a nap :)

But he was up and ready to help me load when it was time to leave.

And Sunday was spent dealing with the aftermath of the show...

When I'm not using the crates at a show they are used for storage in my sewing room so in order to take them I create a huge mess!  It seemed like as good of a time as any to do a little rearranging and reorganizing.

It's actually got worse as I've gone along (how DOES that happen?).  After several hours in there yesterday I haven't made enough progress to take more photos.  Hopefully tonight will be productive :)


  1. Love your use of the crates,it really adds interest as well as displaying your items very nicely. I have just been using boxes that are covered with fabric to add height.(like your idea better) At the beginning of the Farmers Market this year,I was taking down my tables every week,and putting them back (not fun,and a ton of work) after a few weeks my husband bought me two new tables to use just for the FM and craft fairs!

  2. You always have such a nice display! Good luck getting your space back in shape! Knowing you, it won't take long:)