Friday, January 3, 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes

I'm going to join in for the first time with Fiber of All Sorts in the Lovely Year of Finishes Challenge.  There are several things I could put on this list as I have 3 custom orders and numerous WIPs but I've decided to keep the momentum going on my Cat Quilt (plus it's the only one I seem to have a photo of :P).

I have the perfect backing in mind.  I'm working from my stash as much as possible the first six months of this year (more about that here) so I am using a pretty pink fabric that was given to me my a friend when she was destashing.  I'm not sure about the binding yet.  Maybe black for a dramatic "frame"...

What color binding would you choose?

This block was so easy and fun that I'm already planning my next one inspired by the one by Stitching & Bacon.  It will be at least a lap size quilt using larger blocks.  Hope my math skills aren't too rusty!!


  1. I would go scrappy on the binding -- keep using up that stash and if you have extra binding from other projects this means less work for you. I often do this for charity quilts for our quilt guild -- it's a great pop.

  2. this is so cute. I love the black cross-hatch print (thinking it was Madrona Road?) anyway - text prints are always my fav too for bindings. Good luck - decisions decisions!

  3. I am thinking black would frame this nicely! However,scrappy would certainly help in using up the scrap part of the ole stash :) Good luck with your goal.

  4. Wish I could be more help; I know you'll choose something beautiful!

  5. What a great quilt! I think maybe a bright binding, like pink or yellow! It will be perfect whatever you choose!

  6. Love your cats! I fizzled out early on my Catvent, so i really need to get back to it!