Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flirting the Issue Skirt

It took a little tweaking but I think I like it!  I came across the Flirting the Issue Skirt Sew Along hosted by Stitched in Color while finally catching up on my over 750 unread blog posts.  I bought this fabric nearly a year ago with a skirt in mind but never got around to it (just like numerous other things that I never actually get done).  Soooooo....when I saw the sew along I knew it was finally time to pull this out and put it to use!

I took my measurements as instructed, cut my pieces, and started sewing.  The construction was super simple.  It was a bit time consuming to mark all of the lines for my elastic casing and my fingers cramped while threading the elastic through (4 yards of it total!) but it was worth it.  My finished skirt was okay but it was a little big.  I ended up taking off nearly 10 inches of elastic and fabric to achieve the look I wanted.  If I make this skirt again I will definitely add a couple more inches in length since this one is a little out of my comfort zone :).

Random question:  Is there such a thing as a Full Butt Adjustment?  When making a skirt how do you make sure that the back isn't significantly shorter than the front?  I just pulled mine up a little in the front to make up for the difference but I would love input for future projects.

Looks like I just missed the deadline to link up my skirt with the sew along :( but I can't be upset since I got a great skirt out of the deal.  Go ahead and go check out all of the entries here.


  1. Haha! I think there is a full button adjustment-they call it something ugly and I can't remember what. Love your skirt! Lengthen the back hem an inch or 2 and we'll name it the sexy booty adjustment. Rofl!!

  2. The skirt is pretty and the butt adjustment made me laugh!!

  3. I wonder how much darts in the back would change things. The book "The Essential A-Line" has some great info on making adjustments for derrières and hips. Super cute skirt!

  4. Don't hem it until it is completely finished and I will come over and mark the hem for you! The skirt is adorable and it is one of my all time fav fabrics..