Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sugar Pop Top

Sugar Pop Top...That's just fun to say!  Lucky for me it was also fun to make :)  I have already ordered more fabric with this top in mind. 

It is the newest pattern from Sew Caroline and I bought the pdf and even taped it all together a couple of weeks ago but only found time to stitch it up this weekend.  I hit up the local JoAnn's during their extra 50% off red tag apparel sale and grabbed yardage of quite a few fabrics (thankfully Hubby has stopped reading the blog or I'd be in trouble!).  This was one of them.  I couldn't resist the bling. lol.

This was my first time using the rolled hem foot that came with my machine.  Maybe not the best fabric for a first attempt but it came out acceptable and definitely cut down on the time I needed to complete the top.  No more tediously ironing the hem before sewing it!  And since the sensor on my iron is broken and it won't stay hot for more than 3 minutes this was definitely the time to give it a try.  New iron coming soon!!

I am once again having trouble with my neckline facing!!!!  I have tried it all:  top stitching, understitching, hem tape...  I was afraid to try interfacing because of the sheer nature of the fabric.  I can't clip the curve because of how badly this fabric frays.  Or maybe I should clip it and use fray check?  If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!!! I am actually having this problem on several tops that I've yet to blog about : /

 A decent shot of the back--where the facing is behaving (and so is my hair for once!!)

 (sorry for the scary, pre-make up shot!)
Be sure and check out Sew Caroline's pattern shop.  I'm a huge fan!  I have all of her patterns and eagerly await the release of the next one.

One thing I did notice just as I was finishing up the post was that there is a bit of a fit issue with my darts.  On future tops I will definitely need to elongate the darts.  Their position is good but the tip of the dart is hitting nowhere near where it should on me.  I knew that I was taking a risk by not doing an FBA so this is in no way a problem with the pattern.  It should be an easy fix now that I'm aware of the problem :)

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  1. Very nice top, & cute fabric! I can't even see a dart- so that's great!