Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May Link Up

It's late as always but there is still plenty of time to submit your entry to win another great pattern by Ms. Sara Lawson.  This month's pattern is provided by Pattern Crush.  Tons of great fabrics including preorders for some of the gorgeous fabrics that were at Market!  Can't wait to see what you all have been up to!!

 (Photo used with permission of Martingale Publishing.  Photograph by Brent Kane.)


  1. I missed the deadline for the Wonderland Bag, since I was waiting for parts to arrive in the mail, but I wanted to make sure to catch up with the Bee Sweet Bag. Overall, I liked this pattern - it holds weight really well, but I'm not that pleased with the flap. Instead of deco-fuse, I used two-sided fusible peltex (#72F, I think). I also added peltex to the sides, since I didn't want them to cave while it's snapped closed. I didn't appliqué the flap accent, since I don't have a blanket stitch, and my cut was a little too messy, so I stitched a ¼" basting line, and folded under, then topstitched on the flap exterior. I think it turned out okay, but the flap is a little too small for this bag. I think added snaps on the outer parts would make it hold better (total of 3 snaps) and keep its shape. Anyway, glad to be back. =)

  2. Wow - I guess I missed the linkup for the bag.. AGAIN! *pout*

    1. http://thatssewshawn.blogspot.com/2014/06/may-month-of-bag.html