Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Little Bubble Guppie Boy

Squeak has been obsessed with Bubble Guppies for most of this year.  He has the DVDs, the toys, the books...and now the pants.

I made him a pair of pants quite a while back and I learned a lot from that experience.  This pair fits much better!!  I made the back a little deeper to accommodate his diaper and made the waistband a separate piece so I could use wider elastic.  I even managed to hem them to the correct length on the first try.

Oh, and there was just enough fabric left to make a matching pair for Fred.  Squeak didn't seem that impressed but Princess couldn't wait to start playing with him :)

I had grand plans for the photos for this post.  I was going to get a really cute pic of Squeak holding up Fred while they both had their new pants on.  Instead I had to bribe Squeak with cake just to get him to look at the camera.  Oh the joys of having a two year old...

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