Monday, September 29, 2014

Not so Honest Craft Room

This is definitely not the way this room usually looks :)

I had the day off of work and both kiddos were at their mother's day out program so I had 5 whole hours to myself to sew.  And what did I end up doing?  Reorganizing my craft room.

I went in with the intention of working on a ton of small items for upcoming craft shows but was so overwhelmed by the clutter that I just had to clean, which led to reorganizing and even rearranging the furniture.  I didn't take a before photo but the cutting table and the fabric shelf on the left switched places and nearly everything found a new home.  There is still more to do and you definitely don't want to see the other half of the room but you've got to start somewhere...


After I get the whole room done I'll give you a better "tour" :)


  1. Being organized is so much better for your creativity and productivity. Yeah for you for tackling it.