Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Focused on the Family

This weekend I had the pleasure of helping one of my cousins pick out the fabrics for her nursery.  We spent about 2 hours at Joann's and ended up with some beautiful fabrics that I hope she will be very pleased with.  I also made up a quilt pattern while we were there...but I cannot take all of the credit.  My aunt was trying to describe the pattern she was wanting to use to make the baby quilt and since I'm a draw me a picture kind of person, I envisioned something totally different.  They liked the way it sounded so we went home, sketched it up, and it was a hit!  I cannot wait to see the finished product.
I also thought you might like to see what happens when your child's Godmother takes him to a craft store.  We ended up going home with the elephant :)
While at the store, we also picked out fabric for a new purse for my aunt.  She had chosen a pattern the night before and I whipped it up for her on Sunday.  I love the way it turned out and hopefully it will fit nicely in the airplane (her one request).  Never thought that I would have someone make that a specification for something I was sewing.
I have to say that although I love the bag I absolutely loathe this pattern.  Probably the worst written pattern I have ever come across.  After a failed attempt (gifted to my mother-in-law of course :) ) and many alterations, it is definitely one of my favorites.
Lots of pockets are a must have!
I also FINALLY made Squeak a pacifier leash, only to realize that most of his pacifiers do not have a handle and cannot be used with it :(
My cousin had several requests for Baby Girl T.  This beanie being one of them.  I still need to find a baseball button for the center of the flower.  The stitches aren't perfect but since I pieced together a couple of different tutorials and basically had no idea what I was doing, I think it turned out great!  Still to make for her:  2 nursing covers & Huggs boots
I have been working on this in my spare time.
This fabric is for a project that I have been planning for over a year.  It is finally cut and ready to be put together.
I also finished the latest set of blocks for the How Far Will You Go QAL and have printed the templates for the new pattern for the Super Penguin QAL.
AND...........I finished my first ever full sized quilt! 
I started this quilt with the Vintage Holiday QAL hosted by Fabric Mutt but couldn't wait to finish it so I decided to work ahead a little bit (I always was a bit of an overachiever in school, guess some things never change).  This quilt is FAR from perfect:  when I bought the fleece for the backing the salesperson cut it very crooked and it was therefore too short on the bottom so instead of a uniform border all the way around, the bottom is about 1 1/2" as opposed to the 4" on all of the other sides.  And the back has some pretty obvious puckering (totally my fault, can't blame that on someone else).  One the positive side, I have a good idea of what I did wrong and how to fix it for next time and my mother in law loved it :)

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