Friday, September 7, 2012

Nursery...Better Late Than Never

Squeak turned 6 months old this last Monday and today I finally put the finishing touches on the nursery. It wasn't for lack of ideas or planning. The little guy came a few days early and totally threw my schedule off and I never caught up :)

When we started the walls were a color that is best described as prison cell grayish purple. and the trim was white.
We painted the walls a nice tan and the trim a dark brown.  Then we took a cheap black Wal-Mart bookcase, painted it to match the trim,and loaded it with books, toys, and all kinds of other goodies.

I put some cheap prints that I found in invisible frames to hang behind the glider and the changing table.   I made two quilts for the nursery (the first two that I ever made, gulp).  Both are very simple.  We keep one on the back of the glider and the other on the back of the crib.  The one draped over the front of the crib was handmade by my mother's boss as a present (LOVE IT!!!). 

I appliqued little woodland creatures on the changing pad cover that we received.  One of my favorite touches in the room is the little chain pull on the lamp that was given to us my Squeak's Godmother.

I found three library/book themed prints for behind the glider.
I made the tree by cutting fabric and leaves out of some of the fabrics that I use for the quilts then spraying it with fabric stiffener and ironing it to the wall.  I worked so much better than I could have imagined.   As a finishing touch I appliqued a hedgehog onto a pillow made of scraps left over from the quilts and tree.

The painting tape I used to stencil the closet bled pretty bad but somehow managed to make it look like it had purposefully been distressed and really worked well with the rest of the room. 

All of the shadowboxes on this wall have special meaning.  The top one was embroidered by me just for Squeak.  The one on the bottom left was made by an aunt using my Grandfather's old clothing.  And the third one has items from when Squeak was born:  The bracelets that both of us wore, the scissors used to cut the umbilical cord (uh, yuck?), the shirt he wore while in the hospital, etc.
I think it was worth the wait.

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