Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Big Thank You

To my mother for staying with our dogs while we were out of town.  Before we left I had a chance to whip up a couple of small items for her.

I started with this little wallet (pattern by Sew Sweetness).  I had purchased the pattern trio awhile back with plans to make myself a new, desperately needed wallet.  But you know how it goes when your sewing for never happened.  Instead I decided to piece together some strips of Boho Chic in blues, greens and browns (perfect for Mom).

 It went together really quick and easy.  From cutting to completion was less than 1.25 hours.  The ladies at the sit and sew were giving me a hard time about how scattered and disorganized (and let's admit it, a little spastic as well) I am and saying they thought I could get it finished before the sewing day ended.  I told them (politely) to hush.  Everyone had to leave a bit early which is probably a good thing or they would have seen that they were right.  It was done :).

A view of the back.

And the inside.  Complete with a few gift cards/certificates to help her pass the time away from home.

To top it all off I pieced some scraps together for a large Open Wide Pouch and stopped off for a little bit of candy to fill it up.  I know it doesn't compare with a week's worth of dog sitting, but hopefully it shows our appreciation!

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  1. What a cute little wallet! I am gong to come sew with you ladies one day soon. Sounds like you have a lot of fun.