Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It Was a Bit of a Disappointment

When I came home from vacation (where I accomplished absolutely nothing on my cross stitch projects) to find that my Charming Solids package from Pink Chalk Fabrics featured Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter.  Sorry Lotta, but I've never been a fan of this line.  The prints are a bit bigger and more muted than I typically prefer.  But thanks to being able to test a new pattern for Sara of Sew Sweetness I have now used the fabrics in a way that I absolutely LOVE!  

First let me say that I test paper pieced blocks for a couple of great bloggers out there but I've never signed up for any other sort of testing.  As little time as I get to sew lately there is no way I could sign up to test out a quilt pattern but since I plan on buying every pattern ever released, past and future, by Sew Sweetness I figured I may as well go ahead and offer to be a tester for her :).  I was a little too slow on the first pattern she sent out (a great organizational pouch for sewers that I will definitely be purchasing when it's ready) but the second one I managed to get a tester spot.  Meet the Lapin Noir Bag

 This bag ended up taking me a much longer amount of time than normal to finish.  Not because of the pattern, but because of the way I chose to do it.  First, the entire exterior is pieced.  Then I bought the wrong cording.  That will teach me to not read the supply list carefully in the future.  I do have some navy piping left over for a future project though...

 Sara's method of installing the zippered pocket was definitely the easiest one I've ever used and will be my go to method in the future!

 I did omit the interior zippered pocket as I didn't think I would ever use it.  I may add a false bottom for more stability but I haven't decided yet.

 And the best thing about the bag...is that it is convertible.  It can be carried two different ways!  How much better can you get?!  Making this bag also allowed me to become more comfortable using hardware.  I know it's not that tricky, but for some reason I avoid it whenever possible.  No more!

 While on our way to Creede we passed a yarn shop with a sign out front advertising closeout prices on fabric.  Hubby, being the enabler understanding guy that he is, flipped the car around and went back so I could have a look.  There wasn't a whole lot of fabric to choose from but I did manage to buy a little over seven yards of the white with gray diamond print.  I had in mind gray and white chevron to use with my Sarah Jane panel for nursery curtains but since everyone is using it and this was on sale...I did switch out the Jungle Bungle gray for a darker gray on gray with tiny polka dots.  They are now nearly complete.  Only the grommets left.

I also made a little progress on a few other small items in preparation for Little Miss's arrival.  A couple of half finished nursing covers and swaddling blankets, etc.  And hubby has commissioned a new quilt for a wedding present.  He gets to go to Vegas for the weekend, I get to make a quilt.  Seems fair to me!  I've decided that after the stress of the first wedding quilt (which I will finally post pics of later this week, as well as a couple of other small finishes) I'm going simple on this one.  The bride has requested cream/white and deep red.  I've already bought and started cutting the fabrics and am planning on using them for a lap size quilt with large wonky stars.  Wonky stars can be used for something other than baby quilts right?  I love them but are they too juvenile?  I would love to hear your thoughts...

And I will leave you with a parting shot of my little family at the wedding.  Isn't that background amazing?!


  1. that bag is seriously cute (I'm scared of bags, ha!). What a sweet guy to indulge your fabric whims.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. I think this bag is awesome! I love it! Great job!

  3. Great job on the Lapin Noir bag! Very nice that it has two different ways to carry it around. I recently purchased a bundle that I have been drooling over for some time,only to find that it is not the bright fabric my computer screen lead me to believe :( Not to juvenile in my opinion.