Monday, June 3, 2013

Not a Lot To Show

I worked all weekend and don't have a whole lot to show for it.  

I started on the order for 9 custom clutches for a wedding party.  All of the hard stuff has been done (magnetic snaps, darts, etc.), now I just have to actually put them together.  There are two earbud pouches that must get done and in the mail tonight.

The long overdue custom comforter, bed skirt and pillowcase are underway.  I still need to pick up a few more supplies for it, but hey, at least its started!

The quilting of the Wedding Quilt has begun.  No pictures of the quilting itself, but here is the final layout

(Wow, this picture is even worse than my normal ones!)

I've started quilting feathers down the sashing.  I will admit they are not pretty :(.  I may have to switch it up and do something else along the horizontal sashing.  And I'm going to quilt all of the cream spaces too (somehow) but leave the stars themselves plain.  Once I get all of that done, I'll reevaluate and see what else needs to be done.  I just keep telling myself that this quilt is already a huge disappointment and it can't really get much worse.  I'd love to hear any thoughts/ideas you have about quilting it.  Just remember, I want this to be done with so nothing too hard or intricate please!

I did get my June block of the Woodland Sampler finished.

 And while I was doing that...

Squeak and Penny were playing with my supplies.  He had more fun with that roll of batting than I could have imagined.  And a roll of DMC floss (that I had planned on getting rid of anyway) kept him entertained for over an hour.  And hey, you can see my floor!!!  That itself is a major accomplishment at my house these days!