Monday, June 10, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

That's what one of my fellow quilters told me at sew day last Wednesday.  And it's great advice!  I've been debating whether to work on how to tackle my numerous WIPs--work on one until it's completely finished, or do a little on each one until they are all done?  I still haven't figured out a good answer but I did decide that since I am only current on one of my BOMs I should at least try to whip up the June block for it :)

And here it is, the June block for the Sugar Club BOM

In an attempt lower my number of WIPs, I pulled out the Dancing Stars quilt I started on last year.  I think I'm up to 8 blocks now.  I only plan on making it baby size so about 22 more to go, I think...

One more thing to cross off of my list is the custom order toddler bedding set.  It is finished!  I also saw this photo shoot as a great opportunity to convert Squeak to a big boy bed.  My convert I mean that I took the mattress out of the crib and put it on the ground :).  Now Little Miss can have his old crib until she gets her own.  Btw, did I mention that we weaned Squeak from the bottle?!  Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be...

And speaking of Little Miss, here is her first Mommy made outfit.  I bought the onesie new from Goodwill and the iron on from Joann's (25 cents!).  The pink fabrics and ribbon were already in my stash and she now has a cute little onesie with a drawstring skirt :)  Now I just have to tackle bow making (ugh!) and maybe make some shoes...

I signed up a while back to do some pattern testing for a couple of people.  A little over a week ago, within minutes of each other, I got e-mails from two of those people.  And thanks to a quick response time (not a lot to do when your hunkered down in a storm shelter with 5 other people) I got first pick from both of them.  This is the one I tested from Kristy over at Quiet Play.  Way cute!  It should be up in her Craftsy shop soon!  I can't share my other one just yet.

 I already posted about my paper pieced block for the tornado victims in Oklahoma but I decided to make it into a mini quilt and use it as my entry into the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge.  I will be dedicating an entire post to it later this week but for now here are a couple of photos.  

 (a close up of my first attempt at pebbling.  I actually feel pretty comfortable with it now.)

 And a picture of the finished project.

 And just because I did so good by working on all of those long forgotten projects, I allowed myself to get started on the first block of my new Christmas quilt.  This was my first real attempt at applique and it wasn't nearly as hard as I had built it up to be in my head.  I still have to stitch around everything, but for now I'm very pleased!

 I'll leave you with a cute parting shot :P--this is what I came home to after sew day on Wednesday (apparently Hubby thought Squeak's diaper rash needed a little air and he was asleep before he knew it).

I may be a little quiet for the next couple of weeks as we will be out of town for awhile.  I will be trying to get caught up on my cross stitch samplers while we're away (yay!)

In the mean time, linking up with BOMs Away Monday and Let's Get Acquainted.


  1. WOW, all your projects look great! Moore love looks awesome, and that baby quilt with the little Dancing Stars is going to be amazing! Just keep swimming!

  2. I ALWAYS cover up or hide my mistakes instead of fixing them, unless I physically cannot complete an object without getting out the seam ripper! Your Moore Love mini is wonderful. Just today I remembered that I need to get quilts out to the OKCMQG pretty soon!

  3. You have so many great projects going on! I love the mouse in the cheese. And that picture of your little man is seriously adorable. Love it!

  4. That's cute bedding! Good job on bottle niece was a dang monster!!! I'm so excited you are gonna be making bows & little outfits- great refashion btw! When Bella was small, I got a lot of cute stuff at thrift stores and consignment shops. Still do, but especially nice when they grow out of their clothes every 3 months.

  5. That mouse is soo adorable! I'm another cover mistakes kinda girl although I have recently had to become rather well acquainted with the seam ripper.

  6. What fun blocks, every one of them! And that's a beautiful toddler set. Loving the mistletoe block. I just learned the most fascinating thing about dwarf mistletoe - its seed pods explode and shoot the seed 60mph for about 40-50 feet~!! The girls and I were cracking up last night, imagining what it would be like to walk by when that happens: "Don't be walking near the mistletoe! You'll get your eye shot out!" . . . " I think it would just go right through your eye into your brain!" . . . "Haha!! Death by Mistletoe!"

    Enjoy your travels!