Monday, December 23, 2013

What I Can Show You

A few of the presents I've made so far this year...

My first attempt at a Sugar Body Scrub.  It smells good if nothing else...

A pouch for a co-worker and an iPad Mini cover for my grandparents.

Crayon Rolls for various people.  There were actually 13 of these by the time I was done and it was late and I forgot to take photos before I wrapped them all up.

In non-present cat blocks.  I'm now several days behind but thankfully these are quick, easy, and fun so I hope to catch up tonight.  I've seen lots of great projects made with these!

 And I had a show on Friday night that was closed early due to bad weather.  We didn't sell a single thing but I really liked the way our booth was set up.  It may be my favorite so far.

There are many, many more finishes to show off but they will have to wait until after Christmas.  Hope everyone has a happy holiday week!!!

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