Friday, August 22, 2014

Puppy Love!

My poor puppies haven't been getting nearly as much attention since the kiddos came into the picture (don't worry they are still well cared for and loved).  They have handled it pretty well though :)

I picked up this charm pack quite a while back.  I'm thinking that maybe I even won it from Quilt Taffy...?  It's the Max & Whiskers line from Basic Grey.  And it is absolutely adorable.  As soon as I got it I knew I wanted to make something for my pups but it got put aside in the chaos and was forgotten. 

I came across it again when sorting fabrics for a destash and decided it was time to put it to use.  I simply sewed the charms together to make a top and used some fleece from JoAnn's for the side panels and bottom.  It is stuffed with the huge pile of leftover batting scraps that were taking over my sewing space and is super comfy (or so Squeak tells me).  I couldn't get them to sit on it long enough to get a good photo (my dogs are SUPER energetic!) so this one will have to work.

I'll leave you with this collage of cuteness :)

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  1. I love that line,I made a quilt from it a few years ago! Love your puppy shots,cuteness!