Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Trio of Minis & a Sneak Peek

I've completed three of my paper pieced mini quilts so far.  Happy Ghost and Crouching Cat are awaiting quilting and Witch on a Broom is in the testing phase.

These are currently hanging in my office.  Trying to liven the place up a bit ;).

A close up of the quilting on the hat.  I was trying out a couple of new designs.  I'm really happy with how the swirls in the orange parts turned out--a little less thrilled with how the black ended up.  I think they were supposed to resemble eyeballs?  A large circle with a small circle inside touching one side...  Oh well at least I tried.

And the witch is in the works!  I have her partially pieced and I will warn you she is not for the beginner.  No incredibly small pieces this time but that's because she is HUGE!  More on her later this week...


  1. Those are some seriously cute paper pieced minis! I especially love the cat on the pumpkin.