Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lesson Learned!

Ever have one of those days where everything you sit down to do gets put on hold due to some missing component?  That was my Friday night. 

I finished piecing the exterior of my Weekender Bag only to realize that I had never bothered to buy the lining...or the zipper...or the cording (whoops!).

On to project #2 - a project I found in a magazine I picked up last week.  I pieced together the front with no problem then realized I had no backing or binding materials (whoops again!). 

Third time is a charm, right?  Not in this case.  I had printed off a new paper piecing pattern from Shape Moth that I was eager to get started on so I jumped right in using some of my scraps.  No trouble finishing the.  Again to realize I had nothing for backing or binding.  No pic, sorry.  Also I ran out of several different colors of thread while piecing everything.  Luckily since it wasn't going to show I just switched to a new color and kept going. 

So Saturday morning Squeak & I spent a couple of fun filled hours at the store picking up some supplies.  A few necessities, a few stash builders, a couple fun new toys to try out and we're set for awhile!

The lesson here?  Plan better!!!  Oh well, off to start finishing the above mentioned projects!

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