Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More WIPs

I have quite a few projects on my table that need the smallest little detail (think a button or a 2" seam that needs to be sewn) to be finished.  I simply get distracted with all of the new projects that I see out in blogland and forget to finish one thing before I move on to the next.

Sadly my Halloween quilt will not be ready this year.  It has taken major strides since last year when it was just a stack of cute fabric on my shelf.  The front has now been pieced and most of the back is put together.  I decided to use a tutorial I found at ocd: obsessive crafting disorder to quilt it with spiderwebs using some silver thread I picked up last weekend (when the time comes).

I volunteered with Kristy at Quiet Play for pattern testing and she actually sent me one to try out!  I was shocked (but thrilled).  I ended up with her Chopsticks Pattern (which I'm sure she will be adding to her Craftsy Shop soon).  It went together quickly and easily and I'm thrilled with how it turned out.  I'm planning on turning it into a little utensil pouch for storing our chopsticks (yes, we have our own set of plastic chopsticks, don't ask me why) so they aren't rolling around loose in one of our drawers.



  1. Quilted silver spiderwebs sound great! Good luck with that!
    Your chopstick block turned out beautifully- well done!

  2. Lets hope I can pull it off! And thanks so much!