Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Neverending 100 Day Hustle

I've been seeing posts about the 100 Day Hustle for quite awhile now.  I'm envious of those who can make this list.  My list (and I am a list person) grows and multiplies everyday!  I have accepted the fact that I will never catch up on all of the projects that I have earmarked for future use.  The projects that I would really like to get done this year (whether they meet the deadline or not) are:

The Travelling PicStitch I still need to pick my fabrics AND my project for this one

The Long Weekend:  Piecing of the exterior is in process.  I did make a little bit of headway last night

Pervalong:  Falling behind-I need to do the borders

Cathedral Window:  Need to pick and purchase fabrics

Value Added:  Will be using a Thimble Blossoms pattern and Mama Said Sew fabrics

Scrappy Stash Quilt Along:  not having scraps to choose from will never be an issue for me (I am forever buying scrap bundles, remnants and other goodies from Ebay and Etsy) so I simply have to pick a project and get started

There are sooo many more small projects that I would like to get finished but for the purpose of the 100 Day Hustle I'll stick to my Quilt/Sew Alongs :)

Hope everyone else is well on their way to meeting their goal!

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