Friday, October 5, 2012

Falling Behind

Thanks to a nasty case of the flu (for me & my husband) and a very needy (but adorable) little boy I have fallen way behind.  Things I still haven't finished:

Super Penguin QAL Block 3
How Far Will You Go QAL Blocks 10 & 11
Pervalong Blocks A & B
Cathedral Window QAL Blocks 1 & 2
Items to go to Crafted
Crocheted fedoras
And sooo many more!

The one thing that I did manage to get done this week was a trip to JoAnn's for supplies

I picked up most of the fabrics for the Pervalong-I'm a little confused by the amounts they said to get so I only got the 1/4 yard cuts for now and will go back for the yardage later when I figure out where I'm using it and what color it should be.  I also picked up some beautiful autumn fabrics for the embroidered turkey pillow I want to put together.  I finished up the turkey last night and hope to get started on it next.  The three fabrics on the right are for a heavy duty car seat canopy for Squeak.  It was a chilly 47 degrees when we left for work this morning and it will only get worse.  Now that I have the yarn for the fedoras I hope to get those crocheted this weekend as well.  I keep seeing everyone using washi tape so I finally broke down and bought some (it has birds on it, how could I refuse!) and at the checkout I broke down and picked up the new copy of Sew News-I'm dying to make the clutch on the cover and I have the perfect fabric in mind, and last but not least, three spools of thread on basic colors just to have handy.  I also bought an amazing gray semi solid and some cream for embroidery but they didn't make it into the picture. 

After seeing some amazing mug rugs that are being made at Saltwater Quilts I had to give them a try.  The binding was my downfall on these.  I got progressively better as I went.


This was my latest attempt and while not perfect I'm definitely making progress.  They will all be finding new homes with family and friends soon :)

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