Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Small & Simple v. Long & Lengthy

My favorite thing to make is handbags.  All different kinds.  I love trying new patterns and watching the bag come together.  Unfortunately I haven't been able to focus on bags lately.  I have over extended myself a bit.  Between working full time, being the mother of a very active, and now mobile, 7 month old, my Etsy shop, all of the "A-Longs" that I've signed up for, trying to stock the shop in Claremore, and housework (which along with my poor husband is being badly neglected) I simply do not have time-or energy-for new, just for fun projects.
Crafted has put out a call for Christmas inventory.  They are trying to get their shop stocked up for Christmas and have asked for all vendors to up the number of items that are being sent to them.  Therefore, this post is about quantity over .... I don't want to say quality because the items will be made with the usual love and care, but they are not my favorite thing to make-more of a necessary evil :). 
I am introducing quite a few new items in an attempt to make small, quick projects to send their way.
Hopefully these little (unfinished) candy cane mice will be a hit.  I have several more cut in other colors but I haven't been able to find candy canes anywhere yet but hopefully soon!
I saw this adorable flannel on another blog and while at JoAnn's I had to pick some up.  I'm thinking I deserve some new pajama pants :)
This was another little splurge.  Anyone that knows me can tell you how much I love owls so when I saw this I had to have it.  I'm thinking of making it into a little sewing tin to stick in my purse.
Business Card Holders seem to be the most popular item at that I have in stock at Crafted so I'm sending more of those their way.
I'm also trying my hand at Fleece Ear Warmers.  Very simple to do since they're fleece and do not require any seams or stitching around the edges.  Without some sort of embellishment I thought they looked to plain to I'm trying out different things:  flowers, bows, appliques, blanket stitches, buttons, studs, etc.
More Ear Warmers waiting for inspiration.
And introducing Coffee Sleeves.  These are fun little things to make-unless your not paying attention and cut all of your one directional (is that the proper term?) fabrics upside down and have to start all over (sigh).  I think my favorite one is the bottom left with the fun, antiquey looking button.
I also made a bunch of Bottlecap Magnets using OKC Thunder, OSU, Dr. Suess and Little Monster images.  Forgot to get a picture, oops!
I have fallen slightly behind on the Super Penguin QAL and after looking at my first blocks I'm thinking I would like to redo them to make a more cohesive quilt in the end but am not sure I could handle that right now.  The Cathedral Window QAL has been entirely neglected but I haven't given up on the hope that I can join in.  The Stash QAL is another one that I haven't even started on yet.  I am happy to report that the How Far Will You Go Quilt is up to date (YAY!) and the Pervalong Quilt-which finally got started last week- will be where it should be by the end of the week.  This is where it is at the moment.

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