Friday, April 19, 2013

Bragging Rights!

There have been several purchases in our house lately.  The first being a brand new to us, used SUV to help accomodate our growing family.  My little two door car has been pretty dependable for the last 8 years but with my expanding belly there's no way I was going to be able to get Squeak into his carseat in another month or two!

Our second large purchase came as a result of last Friday night's sewing.  I got home from work excited to get started on my new bag (which I posted about yesterday).  I sat down at my modern Singer and while quilting my bag exterior I looked down to realize that every once in awhile the stitches would go all wonky and become about an inch long before going back to normal.  After trying to fix it for about 30 minutes and out of ideas, I got out the vintage Singer.  I spend 30 minutes trying to get the bobbin to fit into its slot and then the thing still wouldn't thread properly.  After a much needed two hour break I decided to try again.  And it worked!  Kind of...the bobbin kept popping up while I was sewing and jamming (which I have found out is not uncommon) meaning I had to rip out the quilting and start over again hoping not to jam.  After this happened SEVERAL times I had given up.  By that time the hubby was home and seeing my frustration he told me to call and see if the local store had the machine I wanted in stock.  They did, but would be closing before I could get there so first thing Saturday morning I picked up this beauty.  The Juki 2010Q and as an added bonus I now get all the free classes I want from The Stitching Post!  Too bad my machine is too heavy to carry while pregnant :(

 On to fabricy goodness...a few weeks ago Material Girl Quilts was having a sale so I decided to stock up.  A layer cake of Mod Tod, 3 yards of Power Pop Dream All Day in Coffee (reserved for my first Washi dress), and charm packs of In From the Cold, Mind Your Ps & Qs, Monster Bash and Bo Bunny.  She has lots of great precuts and yardage so be sure and check it out!

 And my monthly package from Pink Chalk arrived.  This month I received 2wenty-Thr3e and some great coordinating solids! 

There have been a few other small purchases, but they have already been incorporated into projects so you'll have to wait to see them :)

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


  1. Angela I hope you LOVE your new Juki as much as I LOVE mine! And that Mod Tod looks adorable... I'm off to scout for it. Looks like a keeper to have ready for the next baby in the extended family.

  2. You lucky girl! I love my sewing machines but I have been looking hard at a new juki. Keep us posted on how it performs.

    The fabrics are great too. Lots of sewing ahead!

  3. Wow! That's amazing. It'll be nice to hear what you think of it as you get to use it more.

  4. Cool...a new machine!! It looks amazing...have you figured out how to use it? I met you at the craft show Saturday & I'm anxious to blogs talk you & ogle your fabric choices! Congrats on the new car, & machine!