Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Plans

I received a large box from The Fat Quarter Shop yesterday which  means I can get started on the Mario Quilt this weekend!  My brother and I sat down and planned which blocks he wants and how to set it up so I have a good idea of what to do.  He is also getting Kirby and Megaman cushion covers.  And there's most likely a Dr. Who Quilt in his future as well.  Must be nice to be a mid-twenty's bachelor with a big new house complete with a media room, huh?  Any single girls out there?  He's a great catch ;)!

I also decided on the layout for the custom quilt so I can start sewing everything together.

There is still a lot more to do with this quilt.  All of these squares will be framed in white then separated by 3.5" pieced strips and finally a 3.5" border all the way around.  Everything is cut except for the border.  It seems like my 1/4" mark on my Juki is a little off.  My blocks are not quite 7.5" finished so I'm having to trim them all down to 7.25" as I go.  Not the end of the world but a little frustrating as it takes more time.  Next time I'll know to scoot over a notch.  Speaking of taking more time...when I quoted the price for making this quilt to the lady she was wanting the squares above to be one piece of fabric instead of 4 pieced together.  Since this greatly increased the cutting and sewing time, design effort, and thread used, how do I bring up the fact that I think I deserve a lot more than what I originally quoted (which was already extremely low)?  Or do I just bite the bullet and not say anything?  Would love to hear your thoughts on how to handle it. 

A couple more project on the list this weekend...a custom comforter (yes, a comforter, not a quilt...I'm a little nervous), and Lucky Stars April block--only one section left.  If this seems a little ambitious for a weekend, don't worry, I took a vacation day next Wednesday so I could go to a sit and sew at our LQS.  I'm also sad to say that my favorite lady there is moving out of state this week :(. 


  1. I think bite the bullet since you didn't tell her when she changed it...but mention it when you give it to her. Tell her " I kept my original quote even though more piecing is more expensive, because I want your business and I want you to tell all your friends." If she's a first time customer tell her you gave her a break. Make sure she knows, because you do good work and she'll buy again.

    Speaking of Mario- have you seen Mario bros fabric? I have a 10 year old brother in law who has been wanting me to make him something forever. For boys, character fabric is only cute for jammas- maybe I could get you to do him a quilt for Christmas?!!

  2. Glad to hear your brother is into Dr.Who!
    I love the colours of the quilt you showed. Not much help with what to say to the customer I'm afraid, I'm not much good at that knd of thing. I suppose being as you've already given her a price it's difficult to change it.

  3. The quilt is going to look so lovely! I would just not say anything to her about the price though, I think I would feel guilty if I were her and knew I hadn't paid an appropriate price and it might spoil my enjoyment of the quilt :)