Monday, May 20, 2013

A Bit of a Disappointment

My craft show Saturday wasn't all I had hoped for.  It was open from 9 to 6 and people just weren't buying.  It wasn't just me either, all of my neighboring booths were struggling to make sales as well.  I did get to try out my new booth set up though.  I typically don't get large booths but I am trying to clear out all of my large purses so that I don't have to store them any more (got to make room for more quilts!).

This is what I've come up with:

All of the gray crates, large and small, are new.  They add a surprising amount of extra display space. 

When I rented the tables I was told they were 6' long but when I got there they were 8' feet and my table clothes wouldn't fit so there was a little bit of improvisation with a quilt.

A couple more clothing racks and double hanging extenders placed behind the tables were the perfect place to display my larger bags. 

The hat boxes on the corner of the table are purely decorative but they add a bit of much needed color.  I have a couple of things I will definitely change next time but right now my focus is on building up my inventory.  I hadn't realized how depleted my stock had gotten until I was setting up.  I've pulled lots of new fabrics and will be putting aside the quilts for a little bit to concentrate on clutches, pouches, coffee sleeves and other small items.

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  1. looks good Angela -- i had a similar experience a few weeks back with no buyers but it did give me a taste for outdoor shows and an opportunity to play around with setup. those decorative boxes are a great idea but I think I would use them to store extra items in whether they be supplies or more inventory (for people with small items). Good Luck at future shows