Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back to Normal

I've finally gotten my energy back.  No more going home from work and laying on the couch waiting for the nausea to pass.  And Squeak has decided that he doesn't mind sitting in his playpen for a few minutes every now and then.  And it shows in the increase in production this last week.  Not only am I almost caught up on several BOMs but my bedroom has been cleaned and all of the dishes and laundry are done and put up (I'll just pretend like I don't' see that basket of Squeak's clothes over there).  Here's where I stand on most of my WIPs:

  • And Sew On- Finished April's block on the 30th, May's pattern is printed and fabrics have been chosen

  • Sugar Club- Finished April's block on the 30th, ready to start May's block

  • OKC Modern Quilt Guild BOM-  Finished February's block yesterday, need to do March, April & May blocks.

  • Woodland Sampler- Finished April's Block last night and already started on May's

  • Riley Blake Mystery BOM-  Need to do March & April blocks
  • Lucky Stars-  May's pattern is printed and fabrics have been chosen
  • Springtime Sampler- Desperately far behind, will be put on hold until road trip time 
  • Monsterz Triangle Quilt for Squeak- Pieces are cut, need to decide on a layout
  • Riley Blake Halloween Quilt- just need to finish piecing the back then I can baste and quilt.
  • Dancing Stars Quilt-  This one has been on hold for awhile.
  • Scrappy Swoon-  I worked on this quite a bit the last week and managed to find all of the fabrics that I ran out of and only have 3 small blocks to finish before I can finishe piecing it all together.  
  • Wedding Quilt-  Still haven't found the fabric I ran out of.
  • Custom Quilt- This weekend will be dedicated to finishing up the piecing (and maybe even quilting).
  • Custom Comforter- On the hunt for the perfect blender fabric to tie the other two together.
  • Mystery Round Robin- Awaiting May's block
  • Modern She Made Swap-  Main item and secondary item are ready; deciding what little extras to include.
  • Winter Wonderland Sampler-  On hold until the road trip.  I've also decided to start replacing all of my DMC floss with Cosmo.  I've been told DMC can bleed and we can't have that!
  • Brotherly Love items- the Kirby cushion is complete and Megaman has been started.  I've also started cutting the squares for the first block of the Mario Quilt.  No progress on picking fabrics for the Dr. Who quilt.
  • Threadbias Sew Along-  I completely missed March and April but I've got a good start on this month with a little drawstring bag made out of a Glamping mini charm pack.
  • Forest QAL-  All patterns are printed.  Need to go shopping :)
Let's see if I can make a dent in any of this before the end of the month!

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