Thursday, May 9, 2013

Really Random Rant & a Small Finish

First, the finish:

 My May Sugar Club block.

My first attempt at taking a photo of all of the blocks was foiled.  But it's hard to get mad when he's so cute :)

This one is better!  I am now caught up on exactly ONE of my BOMs/QALs--about 11 more to go :)

There has also been lots of progress on the Scrappy Swoon.  So I may have a finish tomorrow if all goes as planned.  My brother has asked me in the past if I could make a Dr. Who quilt for him and since the new QAL started yesterday I figured this was as good of a time as any to get started on it (what's one more WIP added to my stack anyway?--well two actually since there are two versions he wants).  I'm thinking maybe after we go pick out his fabric this evening I can make him stay and watch Squeak for a minute while I get some work done. 

Speaking of fabric...when I went to pick up the goodies for the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway my LQS was having a token sale and my token was for 40% off!!!  Let's just say I have plenty to show for Sunday Stash this week :).  The sale runs through the week so I'll go today and hope that I can get another good token so I can buy some backing fabric for the Swoon and Wedding quilts that I need to finish before the end of the month.  Speaking of finishing the Wedding quilt, I did finally order the fabric I need to finish it, yay!

I do have 5 earbuds pouches that I need to make before I can start the fun stuff tonight :(

If you thought all of that was the really random then you were really wrong :P

First off, I will start with my rant:  Why is it that anytime a pregnant woman cleans she must be nesting???  Maybe she's just fed up with her house being a chaotic mess due to having a one year old and a husband (not sure which is worse at this point).  Now if I start labeling things unnecessarily or rearranging the furniture we can revisit the nesting idea, but if I'm just doing normal stuff like laundry, dishes and bathrooms then leave it alone!

Alright I feel a little better :)  Now on to the second part and a serious question.  I am considering changing my Etsy shop name to Sewing With Squeak (the tags on my items would have SWS instead of SD) instead of Swallow Designs.  While I like the original name, I wonder if there is a little confusion when people first hear it.  Does it almost sound like porn or lingerie?  And it would just make things easier I think, especially when marketing.  People ask me where they can find my stuff online and I have to spout off several different things.  If I changed it, I could just say Google Sewing With Squeak and you will find me.  I would love to know your thoughts since you can only change your Etsy name once and I don't want to have to start all over :)


  1. I think it's easier to have the same name across multiple venues. I try to get "giddy99" anytime I have to sign up for anything - mostly successful, but there is another one somewhere (some sorority girl - lol)!

  2. I agree that it would be best to have the same name for all your stuff. I know what you mean about tidying after a son and a husband!

  3. I think if swallow designs makes people think of something else that's their own dirty minds at work!!! But i can understand going for something unique, i'd change just so people can type in something easy to remember and be guaranteed that they will get you...

  4. So many times I wish that I had grabbed "live a colorful life" for everything. It's taken in blogger (by someone who isn't even using it!) and also in etsy (by someone who doesn't have a shop). I have tried grabbing the domain but can only get .net,not .com. So I would grab it and start rebranding. I don't think you will be sorry about that decision.

    And your little helper is pretty adorable.

    Also enjoyed the rant. :)

  5. I love it when the little ones get involved. My little ones are now 22 and 20, but they are both crafty girls and I think me letting them 'help' me when they were little encouraged them. Now I have a 6 week old grand daughter! A new helper in the works.