Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Giveaway Day Response

The number of comments I have gotten on my Giveaway Day post are a bit overwhelming!  I've definitely got a few BOMs and QALs that I'll need to check into now :)  Would anyone be interested in a list of current ones?

I managed to finish up a couple of small projects last night.

I chose this as my first block in the Forest QAL.  I love paper piecing but this one had a lot of little sections.  Can you spot my three mistakes?  Oh well, I'm not ripping it apart :)

 Due to extreme exhaustion and lack of energy I missed out on March and April of the Threadbias Pretty in Patchwork Sew Along.  This month I'm on the ball and already have my project completed!  A cute little drawstring bag using a charm pack and fat quarter of Glamping and a bit of pink left over from the Kirby Pillow Cover.  The sparkly pink ribbon was in my stash and was the perfect drawstring for this project.  Who doesn't love a little extra sparkle!?

Since the photo above was from Instagram I thought I'd include this one too so you can see the true colors.  Plus isn't my helper cute :)  Look at the mess he created while I was finishing up this little bag!!!  Maybe it's time to weed out some of those toys...

And in case you were wondering how I keep track of all of my BOMs and QALs, here it is.  My magnificent system.  Each labeled and kept in a corner of the room.  This way I don't have to search for by fabrics and patterns each time I start working on them.  Now there are a few exceptions.  The Lucky Stars and And Sew On BOMs are being made from scraps every month so I pull those from my stash as needed but the finished blocks are kept in the bins.  I decided to pull them out last night and set them on my cutting mat as a kind of motivation.  I am behind on every one of these.  I can't put the bin back in the corner until I finish at least one bin/section.  Think it will work?


  1. what a great way to organize projects - I need to do something similar :-)...I am always behind too.

  2. cute fox! dont worry about mistakes we all make them, I think that is what makes each block unique. I have the same system for all my BOM and QAL, it is so nice to have everything in one location. Oh being behind is so stress full and since March I have been behind too. This stresses me out but my husband keeps reminding me that there is no deadline and it is not like it is making me money so don't stress it. Easier said then done.

  3. That's a lot of BOMs! I feel like this is like one of those can you spot the differences puzzles... without any reference picture. I think your fox is cute!

  4. Angela! I WANT that fox - where is this QAL? Plus, I can only find one "oops" and if you don't paper piece ALOT, you wouldn't even see that one!

  5. Wow!! I use to sew only 1 thing at he same time.