Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lots of Little Lovelies

I would like to start off by saying how rough the last couple of days have been for my family and me.  Just a couple of miles south of our home a tornado (which is being called the most destructive and possibly deadly of all time) took out numerous homes and businesses, including two elementary schools.  I haven't been able to turn the news off but when I watch it all I do is get upset.

There are some positives that can be seen from this tragedy.  If you are ever in need, Oklahoma really is the place you want to be.  The way that people here pull together and help each other out is just amazing!  I have seen so many heroic and awe inspiring acts that again I am brought to tears.  We were all very fortunate.  Hubby's cousin was at the hospital that was nearly leveled but walked out without a scratch (and I do literally mean walked, she had to walk several miles home due to the roads being closed because of debris) and one of my best friends since high school sustained damage to her home but had already left for safer ground.  

Our local guild is organizing a quilt drive if anyone is interested.

On to happier things...a lot of small projects finally got completed this weekend.  I have had these zippered pouches cut for quite awhile now.  Some of my favorite Spoonflower fabrics were finally put to use :)

Plus I was trying to use up some small pieces left over from other projects:

Small Curvy Clutch

Medium Curvy Clutch

 Large Curvy Clutch

 Large Curvy Clutch

And the final pictures of the Wonky Star Baby Shower Quilt.  I believe this has just become one of my favorite quilts to make.  Simple and easy!

I actually remembered (ok, that's a lie, my husband asked me about it) to put a little patch on the back saying who it is for and who it is from.

Lots more little items to come but I'm thinking I may have to finish up my Soda Pop bag that has been on hold since last week....I deserve it, right!?

Today it is off to the store for more fusible fleece (and probably some other stuff too) :P


  1. so glad to hear that you and your family are OK through this ordeal. Your pouches are super cute esp that little owl one -- i think it should come live in NC with me.

  2. We have been following the news of the Oklahoma tornado as well and were very relieved to find the original death toll revised down. Pleased you and your friends are ok. I knew there would be quilters gathering to assist with their love and skills.
    Your clutches and quilt are lovely.

  3. Oh that's terrible news Angela. Usually things like that make the news here, but I totally missed that one. Glad you and your family are safe through such a tragedy.

  4. So sad. And I'm happy to see there are a number Of guilds in the area doing drives and Hopeful Threads I believe is doing a clothing one.

    Great little pouches. I like the little round ones and the Tula :)