Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What To Do?

About the quilting on this one...

Sorry about the bad indoor photo.  By the time I got this far it was already getting dark outside.  I did my best to get it back to its original colors using Picasa.

I got lucky and was happy with the first layout I tried so I just went with it instead of second guessing myself and messing it up.  I think the lights and darks are pretty balance.

Now that it's almost completely put together (I need 20 minutes tonight, is that too much to ask?!) I'm looking for quilting inspiration.  How would you quilt it?  I love the way free motion quilting looks, but not how time consuming it is.  Plus, I'm not that great at it but I wouldn't entirely rule it out.  And what color of thread would you use?  A variety, gray all over?

Please let me know your opinions since I'm kind of stumped on this one but hope to get it basted this evening and start the quilting tomorrow.  Thanks in advance :)!

Oh, one more question...I'm not really a fan of square quilts.  Soooo, what would you suggest?  Make four more stars and add another row?  Add a thin border on two of the sides and a thicker border on the other two?  Or just get over it and have a square quilt?

Ok, that's it ;P

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  1. great quilt, the colors look good. I don't mind it square, but I would maybe put some borders on it, perhaps a small one and then a bigger one. Thanks for sharing

  2. Your quilt is awesome. Mine is still being pieced together and I'm also not sure how I'm quilting mine. I was thinking straight line but I'm not sure. Are you spray basting?

  3. Stippling or meandering is pretty quick and easy.

  4. I am biased (I really like square quilts) but I'd leave it. Otherwise, maybe a border down right and left sides, pieced out of scraps?

    Have you done just parallel straight lines with your walking foot? It's one of my favorite "easy" ways to quilt, and then I think i turns out looking fabulous too. You can go super-dense (which takes forever, but looks great) or go about 1.25''-1.5'' apart and the quilt ends up really drapey. It's mindless but a good reliable finish, I have found.

  5. I have no idea Angie, but I'm super excited that I'm starting to understand the quilting process! I have so much appreciation for it now, because it so HARD! But putti g them together is sort of addictive:) I love this one!

  6. Your quilt is beautiful! If you want to change a square into a rectangle. You can do that with your first border. Sew a wide inner border on two opposite sides. border. Sew a narrow inner border on the other two sides. Add one or two more borders to make your quilt the size yo want. Good luck and happy quilting! Sondra

  7. This is so gorgeous! I have no quilting ideas to dazzle you with (sorry) and I would leave it square but I'm not picky about my shape.