Thursday, August 29, 2013

Really Random Ridiculousness

The amount of fabric I have bought over the summer is ridiculous!  I'm looking to my readers to hold me more fabric/supplies until October.  Now I do have a couple of patterns that I have committed to testing that I will have to buy a little bit of hardware for and I do need a new bobbin case so I will purchase those just so I can not let anyone down but after that if I run out of fabric or need more to add borders it will have to go in the On Hold Pile.  I have lots of fusible fleece, interfacing and applique materials so I can always focus on stocking up my shop (which I really need to do anyway!).  Batting will probably be the first thing that I run out of but none of my quilts have deadlines at the moment so it won't be the end of the world.

The thing that brought me to this realization?

THIS...stuffed to the brim with all kinds of fabricy goodness.

And on a side note, we've been dealing with a very sickly little boy this week so he's been getting all kinds of goodies that he normally doesn't milkshakes and gatorade :).  I guess there are some perks to being sick.

Enough rambling from me.  Linking up with Really Random Thursday!


  1. Poor poor guy!! Get well soon!

    I've been on stash diet for months with only one relapse, and it was for a pattern test. It's hard...I don't feel like I've even put a dent in my collection. It will be so wonderful to have nice, organized pile of fabric though!

  2. Awww, little buddy. We do Sonic milkshakes on sicky days too. Hope he rallies soon.

    I have also gotten too many of those stuffed-full envelopes this month. (Funny, this is after I was all like, "I need to sew up my stash first" and then whoops, everything went on sale and I had to have it.) I think that the end of summer is actually a great time to buy, because shops are trying to clear out their inventory for what's coming in new. I've gotten some really great deals. Justification!! :)

  3. Awe! Poor little guy! I have 2 granddaughters that have just been sick so I know what you are going through!
    I have been trying to use up my fabric some and keep thinking I need to quit buying! But alas! I keep getting these great coupons and sales e-mails that I can't pass up!

  4. I finally had to do a destash so I have been sending out packages right and left. I'm determined NOT to turn around and purchase more fabric with the money I netted...we'll see how THAT goes!