Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dora Art Caddy

Lately it seems like we've had a birthday every weekend.  The first one I didn't plan enough in advance to be able to make anything for the little guy but I managed to find some Dora the Explorer fabric at JoAnn's last week in time to put together this fun Art Caddy.  I was told that Dora, Barbie, and the Little Mermaid were favorites so I'm hoping she likes it!

In the future I may line the pockets on these caddies.  I know it takes more fabric and therefore more money to make but I think it would be sturdier and actually take less time to construct since I wouldn't have to press all of the seams under...just a thought :)

The pattern is one I bought on Etsy a long time ago.  It has been used once before, again as a birthday present.  I simply fill it with markers, colored pencils, crayons, a glue stick, safety scissors, a ruler and a coloring book when it's done.

One have one more birthday party (this weekend) and I've got another art caddy in mind for this birthday girl as well.  I ordered some Doc McStuffins fabric and am ready to start cutting it out...

Squeak may have gotten some Bubble Guppies fabric as well so be on the lookout for some great pants!

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