Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Been Awhile

But I actually took pictures of some of my WIPs this week!!  And there's no link up due to summer vacation, lol.  Figures ;)

I've actually made a little bit of progress on this since the photo was taken.  And yes, I did fix the piece on the bottom row that is turned the wrong way.  Thank you to the person on Instagram that noticed!

I know the deadline is past and it wouldn't qualify anyway since I used Moda Grunge for the background but at least I can say I gave it a shot :)

  And the most important WIP of the moment is this small quilt.  It is a custom order from a repeat customer.  I have made two quilts for her before and she LOVES Amy Butler.  These are the leftovers from the last quilt I made her and she requested a small blanket for her daughter to take to preschool this year.  We decided to skip the batting and back it with a soft flannel instead.  Should be a breeze to finish (knock on wood) since I managed to get all of the pieces cut to the proper size this morning.

There is of course another neverending pile of WIPs in my sewing room but for now I'll concentrate on these :) 


  1. I always try to avoid the words should go together quickly hahahaha can guarantee I will muck it up hahahaha. Love the fabrics super bright and funky :)

  2. Liking the Michael Miller project.